Bonjour Motherfuckers #7

(part of a series on new French music that ran on The 405 between 2018–2019)

Heatwaves in a city are the weirdest. Your mind slows down, you postpone all non-urgent work, and the only logical body position is horizontal, stark naked if possible, lying motionless on the wooden floor. In spite of not getting along especially well with hot weather, the slight mind buzz that comes with high temperatures enhances my listening sensibility — and every bit of music simply sounds more intense.

The meteorological introduction to this new edition of Bonjour Motherfuckers serves two very specific purposes: one is to excuse myself in advance if during these summer months it takes me longer to release a new number, since the heat tends to make my mind and body move in slow-motion; the other is to inform you that the constant dizzying buzz I mentioned above has been playing in the background of my head all the fucking time since the end of June, so take that into consideration whenever you feel confused by the description of a track or album. Dig into our refreshing selection below; it’s Bonjour Motherfuckers on the rocks.


Rendez-Vous unveil new single ‘Double Zero’

This is shaping up to be one of my most anticipated releases of the year: Rendez-Vous, the band whose 2016 EP made me fall in love ten seconds into the title-track, are back with the first taster of their forthcoming debut album, which is due out in the fall via crybaby/artefact/wedge. ‘Double Zero’ once again sees them playing with ’80s coldwave and post-punk influences, reinventing them through an inexplicable violent undertone that is at the same time menacing and fascinating — something duly illustrated by the accompanying clip, not recommended for people that suffer from photosensitive epilepsy. Check it out above, and stay put for more news regarding the LP.

Superjava release new EP Javaland

Although it shamefully slipped under my radar last month, ‘s new EP Javaland is too good to go without a mention here at Bonjour Motherfuckers. I was turned on to the Paris-based quartet through a friend (merci Marta!) who took me to the band’s release party, where I fell in love at once. Their addictive sound is an euphoric mix of Tropical Pop and French Touch in a Metronomy-like fashion, a killer combination enhanced by the superb quality of all musicians involved; dive head first into Javaland and discover your new favourite soundtrack for those hot summer nights.

CATHEDRALE unveil first single and video from forthcoming debut LP

Hailing from Toulouse are CATHEDRALE, a four-piece ensemble whose fuzz-filled new single ‘Yet, So Easy’ is but a small taster for what lies ahead: on November 16th les gars are expected to drop their debut full-length via Howlin Banana, Juvenile Delinquent, and Fuzzkill. The clip for ‘Yet’ So Easy’, the short and energetic garage-punk tune chosen as the album’s first single, was directed by the band’s own bassist Félix Paineau and premiered via Libération last month; you can check it out above.

L’Ambassade releases compilation of Toulouse-based indie pop

One of the most beautiful things in music is the way it gathers people together and sees them joining forces in order to make their sound and message reach a bigger audience. That’s the case with Toulouse-based organisation l’Ambassade, whose main purpose is that of promote the music and overall culture coming from the French city; their most recent venture is a compilation titled L’Ambassade l’Aime Pop, a 12-track release gathering some of the best indie-Pop bands from Toulouse that can be streamed and downloaded on a name-your-price basis via the l’Ambassade’s Bandcamp.

Alba Lua share new track ‘Ne Répond Pas’

I fell in love with back in 2013 when they released their excellent debut album Inner Seasons, but not only I never did manage to catch them live I also just assumed they had disbanded due to the lack of new material — or any news at all, really. Last April they’ve suddenly resurrected, now singing in their mother tongue, and started to upload new tracks to YouTube: after ‘Y’, ‘Shuafat’, and ‘Demain Savait’, they have now shared ‘Ne Répond Pas’, a contemplative and hypnotic gorgeous piece of music you can stream above. No further details regarding a release or live dates have been unveiled as of yet.

Oh look, it’s that part where I go on about how wonderful and necessary and brilliant the ongoing Bonjour Motherfuckers playlist is. Listen/subscribe/show love below.

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Paris-based trilingual music journalist. fingers in other pies include film, psychology, history, politics, social dynamics, gender issues, tarot and astrology.

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Ana Leorne

Ana Leorne

Paris-based trilingual music journalist. fingers in other pies include film, psychology, history, politics, social dynamics, gender issues, tarot and astrology.

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